Welcome to the BLK SHP podcast featuring conversations with inspiring individuals from diverse industries, disciplines, and social strata — all sharing their stories of unconventional success. Creativity, generosity, and collaboration are at the heart of every episode. The BLK SHP podcast delves deep into the human story, taking you into those crucible moments and the triumphs in these fascinating journeys.



Sam Kass is the little brother President Barack Obama never had. As the personal chef to the Obamas in the White House, Sam also co-founded a wellness movement with First Lady Michelle Obama. His stories are rich, unvarnished, and fun — a perfect way to end Season 2 of the BLK SHP Podcast!

Miguel McKelvey came to NYC just over a decade ago, working at the bottom of a pyramid in an architectural design firm. Today life looks a lot different as co-founder of WeWork with a global passion, and billions of net-worth. But he’s the same idealistic guy he was when he had to outsmart a large NYC rat over many days of toil and struggle. And, outsmarting that rat is an analogy for how Miguel finds purpose and meaning in life much more-so than any accolade.

Creative confidence can be very hard. We are thrilled to present this very special episode of a conversation about how to find and harness creative confidence that was recorded at our annual “PowerShift” gathering in April in Los Angeles. Our host for this episode is Julie Pilat, a true OG of music and tech, who is on the board of the BLK SHP Foundation and hosts her own podcast "The Idea Fountain: Life Changing Conversation". In this episode, Julie speaks with the respected rapper Xzibit, who was also host of “Pimp My Ride” and Andrew Dost an accomplished songwriter and member of her band Fun. The conversation was so inspired that Julie invited two other remarkable BLK SHP to the stage — Aloe Blacc and Jason Martin, aka the rapper “Problem”. Sit back and be inspired by this real talk!

Amy Chan, an entrepreneur and relationship columnist, has a powerful voice, story, and message. But, she has overcome a lot of darkness, loss, and hardship to find that voice, find herself, and invent a life. She’s one of those people who turns struggles into lynchpins for growth and renewal, rather than become a victim. She shares here to use the power of framing to accept life and your emotions to catapult forward. Today, Amy leads the company she founded: Renew Breakup Bootcamp. No matter if you’re married or single, this conversation is going to get you thinking!