BLK SHP and GoogleX

There are no small ideas at GoogleX, Alphabet’s secretive Moonshot Factory (the place that invented self-driving cars or Internet service by space balloon). Here’s how BLK SHP’s GSD model complements GoogleX’s vision.

Although we must keep our work together under lock and key, X — the Moonshot Factory (formerly GoogleX) is a place dedicated to inventing radical new technologies to solve the world’s biggest problems.  By definition, “moonshots” have the potential to have a 10x impact on intractable problems. Well known X ventures include Waymo, the world’s first self-driving car company. We are proud to work closely with X teams on ventures that have the potential to shift entire industries and sectors, while making the world a bit more human.  The “horizontal power” of BLK SHP globally, nicely complements X’s deep technology focus and expertise with insights to inform problem space selection, to envision ventures, and form key partnerships and co-conspiriacies. 

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