BLK SHP started at Pixar Animation Studios in 2012, and has grown into a global ecosystem and platform. Our mission, supported by both a company and a foundation, is to unlock the inner artist in everyone for the purpose of getting shit done (GSD). 

The company, BLK SHP, Inc., collaborates with “black sheep” senior innovators inside Fortune 500 companies to forge “Moonshots” for massive change to difficult issues. Current initiatives include: reducing plastics usage, supporting clean energy, and de-stigmatizing mental health in the workplace.

The BLK SHP Foundation supports a global community of doers — innovators, early adopters, artists, and misfits — through “Outposts” in cities across three continents, as well as an artists-in-residence (AiR) program. GSD initiatives within the Foundation drive impact on social causes. Current initiatives include homelessness and mental health. 

We also inspire others to act. Most notably, BLK SHP co-founded #GivingTuesday, an international day of giving that raised over $1 billion in 2018. And we promote venture building, working exclusively with X, the Moonshot Factory (formerly GoogleX.)



Our culture is tethered to our collective humanness. Whether you’re an executive, an entrepreneur, an artist, a social innovator, or best-selling author, you come to BLK SHP not as your title, but as someone with a story to share, and ready to learn, contribute, and get your fingernails dirty in the trenches of experimentation — all while forging human connections.