For years, television host Mr. Rodgers had a small piece of paper with a quote on it in his wallet to remind him of the importance of genuine relationships. It read, "Frankly, there isn't anyone you couldn't learn to love once you've heard their story."

For artists, culture makers, entrepreneurs and professional misfits alike, the power of hearing and sharing life stories can be life-changing. Sharing stories needs its moment among the barrage of meetups and networking events, a moment to unlock creativity among those with diverse minds yet similar values.

We invite you to be a part of a series of conversations designed to foster genuine relationships among creatives called BLK SHP Small Groups.

Be a part of BLK SHP Small Groups

“A sense of playfulness is at the heart of creativity, and creativity at the root of the sort of innovation needed to tackle the complex social issues of our times. So it was a huge pleasure to welcome the BLKSHP to No.10 Downing Street. We discussed ways in which policymakers can recast approaches to designing services, and draw upon powerful models of entrepreneurship to better address public need. With both spontaneity and charm, the BLKSHP’s contribution was helpful, impressive and the start of many further investigations.”
— Kieron J. Boyle, Head of Social Investment at the U.K. Cabinet Office

Meet the BLK SHP.




Our raison d'etre is to inspire and support people who want to unlock their own powerful voices and creative potential for the benefit of society, with the understanding that being a BLK SHP doesn’t happen without the support and collaboration of others.  And, we might as well have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.


How do you become part of BLK SHP?

BLK SHP has five core guiding values: curiosity, conviction (to stand for something and your voice), courage (to pursue paths less travelled by), collaboration (a generous spirit), and contribution. As individuals, we also love to practice what we like to call "5% GSD," channeling a percentage of our time to positive social contribution. Anyone living these values can be part of the broader BLK SHP ecosystem. We plan to establish outposts of BLK SHP around the United States, as well as several globally, led by local “shepherds." 



BLK SHP nickname - "Tornado" or "Eagle"
Position/Job Title - Founder & CEO, Parliament, Inc; Co-Founder, BLK SHP; Co-Founder, FUSE corps
BLK SHP origin story - I grew up in a small Northern California town of the Sierra Nevada foothills, between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. My father was a judge, from a family of public servants, while my mother was a photographer, from a family of mostly artists. I never thought of myself as creative until I discovered the Stanford, which teaches methods for creative thinking, and a community and collaborations with many entrepreneurs, artists, and social entrepreneurs to support that journey.
BLK SHP mission statement - My calling is to unlock inherent creative and leadership potential in others and, through greater humanity and collaboration, to develop more creative approaches to the institutional and social challenges confronting the world today.
BLK SHP traits - I often write down the last part first, when writing a sentence, then return to the first part.  Thus, I spend a lot of time editing. That's just the tip of the iceberg.
BLK SHP skills - What unique skills do you have? My mind is wired to connect countless dots — people, problems, ideas, and solutions  great for creativity and entrepreneurship, not so great when I wake in the middle of the night with an insight, and can't get back to sleep! 
What advice do you have for other BLK SHP?  If you bet on good people, and find rich ecosystems of like-minds, you will never need to interview for a job again, and will always be able invent your future.

Board Governance. The Foundation Board of Directors oversees the foundation’s activities. The Board of Directors includes: Peter Sims, Julie Pilat, Evan J. Segal, and Georgiana Sims.


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