BLK SHP Bus tour

across america

May 3-18, 2018

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This May, black sheep (BLK SHP) hit the road to meet with our counterparts across the U.S.: From the cities of Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Milwaukee, to the towns and rural areas of Huntington (WV), Holmes County (OH), and Kokomo (IN).

In each stop along the way, we celebrated STEAM-based education (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math), bringing the creators, collaborators, and partner companies on the bus to a series of special experiences. We met with the artists, educators and innovators who are changing their communities. Our shepherds are local leaders who guided us in each town to stories like the one below, at Oakland’s East Bay Innovation Academy, where educator Devin Krugman hosts a morning makerspace just for girls.

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May 3-5 Huntington, WV

May 6-8 Pittsburgh

May 8-9 Holmes County, OH

May 10-12 Detroit

May 12-14 Kokomo, IN

Shepherd: Nan Braun

Origin Story: Born in Baltimore and raised in Bel Air, Md when it was still farms and Race Horses, I grew up with the freedom to wander. My love of science and investigation started before school when my mom and I took long (for my little legs) walks through unknown territory to "explore" the world.  My passion for the entrepreneurial maker way blossomed when I was 9 and handmade candles to sell for extra Christmas gift money. After that success, there was no stopping me if I put my mind to it.  When we lobbied as middle schoolers to get a law changed and succeeded, I realized that spending time thinking small was a waste of time. 

Mission Statement: To open source networks so that opportunities and connections are possible for more people.  In my spare time, I want to make being a geek cool,  and empower any town that wants one to find a way to grow and sustain a makerspace. 

Traits: Persistence. The ability to see patterns and leverage the experience of others. A willingness to give more than I get, A belief that the honest, authentic relationships we build with others will do more good in the world than any policy or program. 

Swissarmy Skills: I can effectively herd cats without starting fights, calm fussy babies and nurture a sourdough culture through wild environmental changes. I am willing to try (almost) anything once. I will always challenge you to think bigger. 

What advice do you have for other black sheep? The noise to signal ratio is only high if we focus on the noise instead of contributing signal. 

May 14-15 Chicago

May 16-18 Milwaukee

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Shepherd: Aaron Davis

BLK SHP origin story: I grew up in Milwaukee as a music & theater kid who spent his summers touring Wisconsin singing show tunes. When I got to college at UW Milwaukee, I leveraged my knack for storytelling to empower others to tell theirs. I led TEDxUWMilwaukee and curated 30+ talks while pursing my finance degree. Now, combining my love of creative thinking and compelling stories I find myself using business and design to solve for social inequity.

BLK SHP mission statement: My mission is to lead with curiosity and empathy in the face of complex challenges.

BLK SHP traits: I'm the optimist of the bunch.

BLK SHP skills: I am a practitioner of human centered design/ design thinking. I've held educational or strategic sessions for hundreds across the state. I'm also not a terrible bass player.

Advice for other BLK SHP: Compassion is power. 

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