BLK SHP is an influential community and ecosystem of over 2,500 individuals that support the Foundation’s mission. BLK SHP maintains close ties to Pixar, Google, General Electric, McKinsey & Company, Participant Productions, Starbucks, and many others, as well as thought leadership, media and blogging platforms such as Harvard Business Review, Fortune, The Economist, Mashable, FastCompany, The Financial Times, and the 92nd Street Y.


BLK SHP is a very diverse and inclusive organization. Anyone can be a BLK SHP, so long as they are working and acting creatively, in concert with the mission. When asked to define BLK SHP values, we like to refer to the 5Cs (creativity expressed):

+ Curiosity: an openness to all diverse points of view, as well as a thirst for learning and growth.

+ Conviction: the ability to articulate and stand for a specific point of view about problems.

+ Courage: the willingness to be misunderstood, sometimes for long periods of time, despite conventional wisdom.

+ Collaboration: generous, humble, and eager to work with others, regardless of social position or status.

+ Contribution: get sh*t done, create social value, and measure outcomes.


In addition, we have one rule: “The 5% Rule”. Whether it’s an hour of a day or 5% of a workweek refocused and reworked, BLK SHP asks our affiliated collaborators to turn their focus outward and do something great, something worthwhile with a small portion of their lives. You’d be surprised what can happen with just 5% of your thoughts, energy, and efforts.