"Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”

- Martin Luther King, Jr.



BLK SHP is a "loose guild" and movement of leading creative thinkers, writers, policy-makers, artists, entrepreneurs,investors, and social entrepreneurs. The mission of BLK SHP is to build and nurture ecosystems that help unlock the creativity and voices of socially conscious innovators, while providing a platform to create and disseminate cutting-edge thought leadership, art & culture, and socially influential ventures to a wider public.

BLK SHP is a very diverse and inclusive organization. Anyone can be a BLK SHP, so long as they are working and acting creatively, in concert with the mission. BLK SHP has five core guiding values:

+ Curiosity: It's about asking questions, celebrating mystery, expanding our individual growth-edges.

+ Conviction: We believe in having a point of view and sharing that point of view with integrity, humility, and heart.

+ Courage: Scared much? Us too! We don't avoid our fears. We embrace them.

+ Collaboration: We don't want to glue egos together. We want to access the ideas generated in-between the people around the workbench.

+ Contribution: It's a give-take world. We want to work with people who have something to give to our collective experience as well as something to gain. Give 5% of your time. Give 50% of your time. Whatever you give, give something meaningful to GSD (get sh*t done).

We have only one rule: “No Assholes.” BLK SHP uplift one another in all creative and artistic pursuits.