Aloe Blacc



BLK SHP origin story -  I attended my first BLK SHP dinner in 2016. I remember being blown away by who was sitting at the table and the kind of conversations we were having about the state of the world. I appreciated the range of views and backgrounds. I was gracious to have my voice heard and to be welcomed as an artist to the table. 

BLK SHP traits - I don't want to participate in the status quo of the current music industry. Binta Brown and I cofounded the label Big Mouth Records because we believe artists should own their masters, have creative control, and should be treated as partners in creating and releasing their art into the world. I want to be out spoken for others and build a platform to help give voice to what's right and to lift other people up.

BLK SHP skills - I don't give up. I like finding way to solve problems. I'm here to use my creativity and imagination for good. 

What advice do you have for other BLK SHP? - Ask a lot of questions and big deep into conversations. Go below the surface and find ways to take action with the knowledge and platform you have.